To Live Through Their Eyes...

'Twas a beautiful, starry night when we decided to take a family walk...JUST KIDDING...I won't get all cheesy on you.

But I might get gross! We really were taking a walk around the neighborhood and I had a crazy, hormonal breakout on my face that whole week! You know, the kind that you don't want to be seen out in public with! Olivia asked that I carry her on my shoulders and of course I couldn't resist that request. I put her on my shoulders and she started to hold on to my know the real battle ground of the zits! I actually felt self conscious in that moment...with my own kid! I was expecting her to say something and all of a sudden felt her lean in and kiss the top of my head! HEART MELTED and of course...we have an Aha Moment!

I've often heard people tell their children that they wish they could see themselves through their eyes...that makes so much sense! However, I wish everyone with kids, myself included, would see themselves through your children's eyes. There's never an ounce of judgement (I understand that lasts until a certain point, but let me have this while I still do)...she doesn't see things that I criticize myself for...she sees MOMMY, her best friend, her hero! As I see her, my biggest accomplishment and gift in life!

Now, not to say that all compliments come with the best feeling in the world...not quiet the same when Olivia runs up to me and says: "you're pregnant mommy, I see that fat belly"...well, friends, I'M NOT haha. I just tell myself it's because she wants a sibling...she's hopeful ; )

I want to share an exercise that I do when I find myself in a state of self doubt, or feel upset, or low on patience. I close my eyes in a silent room (sometimes it has to be a bathroom or closet) and literally try to imagine myself as Olivia looking at me act and look the way I do at that moment. Its's a slight out of body experience but it has helped me changed my mood and mindset so much and so quickly! Let me know if you get a chance to try it out!

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