Starting Over...

Today is July 31st of 2018. Tomorrow officially marks our baby month! I'm not sure where the time has gone and how we're only 2 weeks away from meeting our second babe! The crazy thing is...I DON'T REMEMBER A THING ABOUT MY FIRST PREGNANCY. Seriously, it feels like someone held up that weird thing from Men in Black in front of my face and erased my memory! The anxiety about "am i really ready?", "do I have what I need", "is my husband ever going to finish little man's room that he insisted on decorating?", "am I going to love this one as much as my Olivia" and maybe like 10000 other things are TAKING OVER MY BRAIN. I wake up at 3 a.m. with a racing mind... thinking...not even sure about what.

With all of that being said...I find myself RIDICULOUSLY grateful! Every time I watch Olivia and my husband together, or when she kisses my stomach, or when she snuggles up to me...I am so grateful that I was entrusted by God to go through this experience for the second time. This experience that feels familiar, but I know will be so different.

So, with all of this said...I have made a decision (that's another hard task that I've been faced with lately...making decisions). This blog and community has been an idea and a concept that I've thought about doing for 4 years now. I've gone back, looked at pictures, looked at my notes that I've consistently taken without taking action and went down an amazing memory lane. However, I'm starting over. Kind of ironic right? I will document moments that happen NOW as they happen. Another decision that I've made is to stop letting fear affect me in taking action on this. I've learned so much, have so many ideas and absolutely LOVE connecting and helping.

So...with that, first and foremost...WISH ME LUCK...or rather...wish my husband luck the next couple of weeks! And let this journey begin once again for me and welcome you on it with me! Postpartum last time was an interesting experience...from crazily trying to develop a schedule for Olivia, to dealing with...well...feelings, to trying to get back to my pre-baby self, manage work and relationships...I'VE LEARNED SO MUCH! I'm excited to be more relaxed this time (well, at least I think) and soak more time with my little guy in rather than focus on control! I'm SO EXCITED for recovery and seeing what my body does! I'm looking forward to balancing my relationships with my other family members and see how this little man completes our family! I'm excited to learn more from all of you and share everything that works along with things that don't!

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