Letter to Olivia

To my greatest gift from God, to someone who has completely changed who I am (in the best way possible), to my biggest WHY, to someone who will never understand the impact that she's had on me, to an actual piece of my heart that's walking outside of my body, to my Olivia...I THANK YOU. I thank you for choosing me to be your Mom and allowing me to take on the greatest, hardest and most fulfilling responsibility in this world. I thank you for always being more ready than me for any new thing that was and is in front of us. I thank you for, even at 4 years old, putting me in check and calling me out when I'm not focused where I need to be or when I'm "normal one second and acting crazy the next". I thank you for being my greatest teacher I've ever had. I thank you for loving me so much, with no judgement even when I find that I'm judging myself! I thank you for showing me a side to myself that I would have NEVER discovered without you!

Olivia, you are my first born...someone who had to endure my crazy worry and concerns about, well...EVERYTHING! You have opened up my eyes and heart to the joy that I've never experienced before! Because of you, I am simply better and strive to be that every single day. I want to show you that I and we can move mountains while keeping you and our family top priority without ever sacrificing that!

My sweet girl, as we enter this new chapter of having our new family member, I'm so so grateful that YOU are going to be our little guy's older sister and I'm sure the most favorite person on the planet. There's no doubt in my mind that you will embrace this role like you've embraced every other through your journey already with a surprising amount of maturity, grace, love and fun! I CANNOT wait to watch you as a big sister and be amazed by you over and over again!

I love you my sweet girl and I am forever grateful to you and FOR YOU!




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